Why you should never order your CBD from Amazon

Why you should never order your CBD from Amazon

11th Sep 2019

I want to preface this post by saying that I use Amazon. A lot. I live in the Seattle area, so for many Amazon is a way of life. You can get amazing deals and finds on Amazon, the amount of Amazon boxes in my recycling will attest to that fact.


There are some things I would not order off of Amazon. Pretty much anything that I would put in my body or my skin is a no go. Why do you ask? Because there is very little oversight as to the quality of the product that you are buying. A report release in 2018 found that of the 47 products that were bought on Amazon, 20 of them were counterfeit. They looked at everything from Air Jordan’s to Urban Decay makeup. Interestingly, the Jordan’s were legit. All of the makeup was fake. When they analyzed what was in it, they found cyanide, mercury, and rat droppings. And you put this on your face. It is very easy to be fooled by these third party sellers. Most ship from the US, have very high review ratings and the product and product packaging itself looks real. Counterfeiting is an age old problem and currently account for 10% of worldwide trade. While Amazon (and all the large online retailers) have strict rules against this issue it is still rampant and very hard to control.

In the case of CBD, there are all of the issue above PLUS a few more layered on top. Technically, Amazon does not allow CBD products to be sold on their site. Therefore, you will not find established, reputable brands on the site. You will notice that it is advertised as hemp oil or hemp extract and don’t disclose there is CBD in the product at all. Instead you will get a lot of people who are looking to exploit consumers that are looking for CBD, may not be incredibly educated in the area and love the ease of Amazon. Plus, when studies were done on these products, often the amount of CBD that is advertised is much lower or not at all. Amazon does have strict rules against this fraudulent behavior, but as you can imagine, it is incredibly difficult to enforce.

All of the products on our site have been batch and third party tested. This is done for a few reasons. The first is that it ensures transparency. You will always know exactly what is in the product you are ingesting or putting on your body. The second reason is to ensure they are actually putting in the amount of CBD into the product as advertised. This is important to ensure you will be getting the therapeutic effects of whatever you are using.

There are some reputable people selling CBD products on Amazon. Not everyone is trying to cheat you. If you do decide to go that route, research the seller and the product. Reach out and ask them about their manufacturing methods and if they can provide any documentation of what is in the product. Make sure the label lists the miligrams of CBD used and that the ingredients are also listed.