About us

Our journey with CBD started like many others. An elderly loved one with chronic back pain and a partner who is a Fireman that always has aches and pains, and suffers from a chronic injury. It is impossible to have not heard about CBD. It is on billboards, on the news, in articles and you have friends who use it. Our research began and what we found was that not all products were created equal. There are so many options: gels, gummies, oils, topicals, hemp vs cannabis, THC vs No THC. It made our head hurt.  

The therapeutics of CDB have long been known and more research is being done every day. What we found was that there were many companies that were creating high quality products that are batch tested and are transparent in their manufacturing process and ingredients.

We also found companies that were not so transparent or concerned about the product they were selling to consumers. The methods they used to extract the CBD from the cannabis or hemp plant were toxic. They did not provide an ingredient list nor were their products tested to ensure quality or correct dosing. They have beautiful websites and on the surface look as reputable as any other company, but provided little information about their products.

So we decided to create a marketplace. We do not have our own brand. We are not paid by others to sell or review other brands. These are brands we use on ourselves and recommend to our friends and family. When we were deciding on who to use we had three main criteria:

  • Was the ingredient list transparent and easy to find.
  • Was the product batch tested frequently. This helps to ensure that the dosing is correct and transparency with ingredients.
  • Were the companies personable and willing to answer any questions we had regarding method, process and ingredients. We found that those who wanted to talk with us were passionate about their products and enjoyed imparting their information.

What we found, was that if taken and used as directed these products worked. It did not happen immediately or overnight, but with use over time we saw the results we wanted and many that we didn’t even expect.

Our goal is for people who are interested in CBD to feel good about the product they are purchasing. We want to provide knowlege and education to consumers to help them make smart choices.